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A dissatisfied employee

Can you be loyal to a workplace if you hate it?Do your employees wake up every day and look forward to a day of work or do they drag themselves to the workplace counting days to the weekend? Do they feel the same ownership and dedication towards the organization as you do? Only a place that values human resource, treats employees with trust and instills a sense of confidence and cohesion among the workers can achieve the former.Apart from encouraging seniors and supportive colleagues, other factors that make an organization a good place to work include respect for employees’ private space (that is displayed by a policy of not disturbing them on off days unless absolutely urgent), respecting their right to avail leaves, and encouraging them to take up new challenges and opportunities at work. In a nutshell, the ideology of an organization is what constitutes its work culture.

Contrary to common belief, compensation and appraisals are not the only factors that bind employees to an organization for a longer duration. . A happy employee will spread around the word very effectively and be instrumental in attracting talent to the organization. Negativity not only kills creativity and will to perform but also does not allow an employee to develop a sense of affection and ownership with the organization.A good workplace is where employees watch each others’ backMuch like a compatible  spouse makes your family life happy or dissatisfied, good colleagues make your work life endearing or difficult. A positive workplace is reflected in the positive work relationships which exist at the work place; the concern and genuine care for each other.It is  widely understood  that a positive ambience can make or mar your performance, be it school, college or workplace. Work culture is important for the organization as it directly impacts the ability to attract and retain talent..

Essentially, it is a reflection of the values and norms that are followed at a workplace and define its personality.When we talk about aspects of what makes an organization a good place to work, the primary factors most of us take into account are brand value of the organization and compensation paid to employees.Let’s dissect why it’s important to build a good working culture:Workplace is where you spend more than one-third of your lives. It affects or defines the ability ofthe leadership and employees to relate to each other for the common goodof the organization and operate within a mutually agreed andacceptable boundary of cultural values and emotional interface. Naturally, if your employee is happy and content at work, it will reflect in his overall personality and growth as a human being.

A new employee who enters an organization and watches a culture of cohesion among workers, where all employees helps each other, will automatically imbibe these values in his/her daily life. Human beings are fundamentally simple and a positive work environment impacts the way theythink, act and reflect. This is why work culture is so important in bringing out the best from your employees even in adverse circumstances. Showcasing and rewarding positive behavior reinforces the intended behavior and directly influences the culture of the workplace. Work culture is an intangible eco-system that makes some places great to work and other places toxic. Whether the employee feels happy and satisfied in his/her work space is another crucial determinant.Employee incentives and appraisals might not always be enough to motivate an employee to work for the best outcome for an organization. The most vocal and credible ambassadors of the same are current and ex-employees.Good work culture attracts talentNot only does a good work culture helps retain the organization’s well-trained and experienced human resource, it also helps attract new talent.

A dissatisfied employee who feels haggled by the daily questioning and accusations by seniors, and backbiting by colleagues will be the first one to look out for another job opportunity, even if he/she is being compensated well. Most managers and senior professionals in    tend to believe that these two elements are sufficient to attract talent to their organizations. Sometimes in extremely challenging circumstances when a collective endeavor is required to save the day for the organization, it is the love and affection employees feel towards their workplace that turns out China Heating Mat Manufacturers to be a decisive factor. An organization whose employees have a deep sense of loyalty and ownership towards their workplace is an organization that has a long way to go. An employee who loves his/her organization will spread the goodwill and will be instrumental in attracting good human resource to the organization. A negative work place will be reflected in low energy and detached work environment with employees operating in insulated silos. However, one of the most important things that we often fail to give due importance to is the work culture,  which often plays a deciding role in retaining and binding people to an  organization. A positive workplace will have a higher degree of employee engagement as employees respond positively and actively to organizational initiatives. People today are constantly looking for change and new opportunities in search of a happy, satisfied and balanced work life. A good work culture is one which encourages employees to behave like a family and watch each others’ back.

It might be invisible, yet it is all pervading and reflects clearly in each individual. While to some degree the behavior of employees towards each other depends upon their individual nature and characteristics, a lot of it is defined by how the organization shapes them up.Good work culture is key to retentionA study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training a few years back concluded that an alarming 54 per cent of Indian employees were somewhat dissatisfied with their jobs, sending out a strong signal that organizations need to initiate  proactive measures to sustain engagement and improve satisfaction. The collective impact of a good work environment is much more than increased productivity and employee satisfaction. The onus lies on the leadership as their behavior gets magnified and replicated many times over. This culture can only be built by pursuing ethical role modelling values and walking the talk.Much like character – good or bad defines a human being; work culture is what  defines an organization. In today’s connected industry space, it is not difficult to know the internal working environment of any organization. No matter how talented and smart you are, you can work to the best of your capabilities and creative skills when you are surrounded by an encouraging environment that values human resource. On the contrary, an organization where back-stabbing and squabbling is the norm, any new employee will adapt to these traits. The impact is on the overall personality of people who work for the organization.

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The joint project will involve

 We note immense potential in our partnership and are certain that this will bring about great New Energy Suppliers impact along with some great opportunities for the youth of India especially for those who want to be a part of the automotive industry under this project. Each of these institutes are fully equipped with latest technologies and facilities such as Simulators, Driving Tracks, Jodging Boarding, LNV, HMV Earth Moving Infra equipments. This initiative not only contributes to the Prime Minister’s Skill India Mission, but also creates a robust skill ecosystem for the youth by generating value in skilled professionals.

Driving training is an important sector, which not only leads to employment and self-employment, but also enhances road safety, ensuring social mobility and economic progress of the nation.~ E-launch of Two new driving training centres at Sikar and Coimbatore announced in presence of Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi~ 2..Through its ventures, RISE INDIA has succeeded in the training and placement of students in sectors such as retail, IT, BSFI, construction, driving, and renewable energy.Ajay Chhangani, CEO, RISE INDIA said, “This is a proud moment for RISE INDIA.Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of State for Skill Development Entrepreneurship, said, “There is a growing need to introduce and participate in national movements and initiatives favouring skill development to foster rural and economically underprivileged people of our country.


The joint project will involve Ola and NSDC identifying people from various section of the society and skilling them to become driver entrepreneurs. Ashok Jain, Chairman, Rise India, said, “We are grateful to be a part of this initiative taken by Government of India.”Mr.5 lakh existing drivers, raising awareness on crucial issues such as road safety, and technically advanced driving skills.” Mr. Together with OLA, we will enhance the capacities of driving training centres/programmes across the country to provide effective training and development in the country.In the next seven years, RISE INDIA will be providing effective training to over 2. The preeminent organization will be setting up over 50 centres in various locations including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Rajasthan.” RISE INDIA has been on the forefront, contributing to the Skill India Mission through innovative skill training programmes, simultaneously building livelihood for youths across the country. Training will be completely free for all the candidates under PMKVY – The flagship program under Minsitry of Skill Development Entrepreneurship. 3-5 Crore in each of the institutes.5 lakh candidates and simultaneously up skill another 2.When it comes to road safety, there is a lack of awareness among drivers. Since its incorporation in 2012, RISE INDIA has witnessed an escalated growth with employee strength of over 300 and a PAN India presence, distinguishing itself from its contemporaries.

RISE INDIA, a NSDC partnered company  and a Strategic Investment firm contributing to Skill Development Education across India, have launched state-of-the-art driving training centres at Sikar and Coimbatore. As we all know the transport industry is in great need of skilled drivers, with a lack of expert drivers troubling the vehicular environment.5 lakh drivers to be trained in next 7 yearsNew Delhi, December 20, 2016: At the Skill India exhibition organized in Kanpur by Ministry of Skill Development Entrepreneurship, Hon’ble Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi, announced the e-launch of RISE INDIA’s new driving training institutes at various locations in the country. The organization invested Rs. Dedicated partners such as RISE INDIA help us add value to the lives of countless youth through efficient education, training, skill and entrepreneurship development. Tapping this potential need for innovative driving training, RISE INDIA, one of the largest organizations providing Driving Training in India, offers effective and comprehensive driving training, promoting holistic development of individuals.This announcement was made in the presence of in the presence of Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Union Minister of State Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Shri MurliManohar Joshi, Member of Parliament, Kanpur, UP, Shri Ram Naik, Governor, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Devendra Singh, Member of Parliament, Akbarpur, UP. Rise India will train around 100,000 drivers over a period of 3 years. At the launch ceremony, key representatives from investors, members, advisers and partners of RISE INDIA came forward to boost driving training and generate more employment in the driving sector.

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It helps you operate

It’s the confidence you exude – Confidence creates richer experiences with people and helps achieve improved outcomes in a professional or business situation. It features a bold blend of flavors, enhanced by woody notes, chocolate flavors, flowery notes and hints of smoke.. It’s the challenges that thrill you and you are always on the lookout for the next one.Style is a language that only a select few know how to speak. You have a discerning taste and you know the things that are pleasurable. With confidence, it is possible to hold sway over people and guide them towards a predetermined goal

.It’s the things you do – Work hard, party harder, is the way to describe and live your life. Your clothes need to be an extension of your inner self to be able to make the right style statement. It also inspires people to be like you; to become an PTC Manufacturers achiever like you.It’s your passion – The energy you radiate is powered by your passion to create excellence and seek perfection in every sphere of your work and life. You don’t fuss over getting the top-selling scotch or whiskey, but would rather go for something that’s really authentic and rich in taste. The color, shade, tone of the fabric, stitching style, fit, length etc. The vocabulary of style carries with it infinite possibilities, which can be used to convey who you are in very specific terms.Its the things you own  Your prized possessions not only create envy, but also infuse a sense of respect and awe among people. It’s your drink – Life’s a celebration for you and so is your drink. You have developed your own rules and belief system and are unfazed by what the world may think or may have become. With confidence, you can also reengineer people’s perceptions and help them visualize a new perspective. People can sense your passion and are themselves motivated to be with you and contribute to achieve the goals you have set.

It helps you operate from a commanding position from where you can determine the path ahead, as per your desire. It’s not just about sporting the top brands, but also about what best suits your personality. You know you are here to create something meaningful and would work on it tirelessly till it’s achieved. Here are some of the things that can make all the difference when it comes to making a style statement:It’s the way you dress – Your dress sense is vital for making the right style statement. One such brand is Golfers Shot, (a premium whiskey), a decent drink to chill out and enjoy on an evening. have to perfectly match your individual style.

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Lowers the chances

You attain the wisdom that is required to take the responsibilities ahead in life.All in all, friends admit it or not your twenties are the most exciting years of your life.More energetic –At this age, you have a lot of energy to balance your career and home. A great understanding lowers the chances of divorce. A person becomes tactful enough to handle different situations and makes a lifelong commitment.Emotionally developedA person at this point, get well developed emotionally in order to handle the ups and downs in life. How beautifully quoted, isnt it? It is probably the biggest decision that one has to take in his life.

So friends here we are to guide you as to why is it perfect to marry at your 25.No pressure to have kidsWhen you marry at the right age, there is no such pressure to have kids anytime in future. A couple is young and both understand each other very well. Some people feel getting married early in their 20s is great and on the other hand, some people are of the view that getting married in their 30s is better. Getting married at the right age gives couple hundreds of opportunities to live life to the fullest. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Surely, ponder over it and take the right decision.

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple comes together. Imagine fighting for an ice cream of just having the most exciting adventure together, you certainly won’t love to do so when you are 40 or something.Financially independentMost of the people settle down by this age, so it is really easy for them to handle situations that may arise due to finances.Lowers the chances of divorceA study has proved that marrying at the age of 25 lowers the divorce rate by 50 percent.. You get good at work-life balance. In your 20s you China New Energy Suppliers a storehouse of power, so it is a right time to get married if you want to have a good work-life balance. It is crucial for both of them to be financially independent. You can freely enjoy the first few years of your married life.You share the craziest timeWhen you are young, you are full of energy, enthusiasm and you do everything crazy which makes memories and bring the two even closer.

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Hinduism was the oldest

Inappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts for commercial or other agenda was not okay as it hurt the devotees. Symbols of any faith, larger or smaller, should not be mishandled, Rajan Zed had noted.”In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as god of wisdom and remover of obstacles and is invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking.

The last thing I wanted is to offend anyone.. But faith was something sacred and attempts at trivializing it hurt the followers, Zed added.Raquel Ponce, founder of Miami Fitwear, in emails on July five to distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, who spearheaded the protest, wrote: “…We have removed the leggings from our website…I am truly sorry if I offended anyone with printing those leggings.Pharr (Texas) based athletic clothing company “Miami Fitwear” apologized and removed leggings carrying images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha from its website after Hindus objected, calling it “highly inappropriate”. Hindus were for free artistic expression and speech as much as anybody else if not more. Its Mission includes “making you feel good” and it and claims to “handcraft every legging”.Zed had stated that such trivialization of Hindu deities was disturbing to the Hindus world over.

The now removed “True Wisdom” Ganesha leggings were priced at 98 and its description included: “We hope our hand-drawn Ganesha leggings help you remember how beautifully strong and wise you are when you decided to use your energy in a positive way.”Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement in Nevada today, thanked Miami Fitwear and Ponce for understanding the concerns of Hindu community, which found images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha on leggings were highly disrespectful.Products of Miami heating film Suppliers Fitwear; which describes itself as “an athleisure and lifestyle company”; include leggings, capris, pants.

Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about 1.Rajan Zed suggested corporations to send their senior executives for training in religious and cultural sensitivity so that they had an understanding of the feelings of customers and communities when introducing new products or launching advertising campaigns. There are about three million Hindus in USA.Zed had said that Lord Ganesha was highly revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to adorn one’s legs.1 billion adherents and a rich philosophical thought and it should not be taken frivolously. That was not my intention at all… and again I apologize.

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GCF Executive Director

He was delivering a keynote address at an event regarding signing of an accreditation master agreement between Green Climate Fund (GCF) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) here.NABARD is the first Indian entity to be accredited as Direct Access Entity, a step for accessing GCF resources. India has nominated five direct access entities for GCF accreditation, including two public sector undertakings NABARD and Small Industries Development Bank of India. The GCF has heating film approved a for 34 million dollar project on installing groundwater recharge system in Odisha.

Another proposal on coastal areas has been submitted to the GCF Secretariat whereas several more projects are in the pipeline.India, like other developing countries, can do more, if finance and technology development and transfer, and capacity building support, are ensured as per the convention and the Paris Agreement, Harsh Vardhan said.The Minister said: We need to take cognisance of our population size and income inequality and cannot ignore the basic requirement of electricity, housing, and food for the poor.The Minister said India has been leading from the front in tackling global climate change issues and it will continue to do so in the future as well.The Paris Agreement, that came into force on November 4, 2016, aims, among other things, to strengthen global response to climate change threat.New Delhi, July 27 (IANS) Reiterating Indias commitment to tackling climate change, Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said it can do more if finance and other support are ensured. We expect the GCF to partner us on these issues and prioritise its work to overcome these challenges.

GCF Executive Director Howard Bamsey said India has been acknowledged as a strong proponent of climate change action and the GCF looked forward to greater engagement with the country.India has an ambitious Nationally Determined Contribution a set of targets to act on climate change under the landmark Paris Climate Agreement.

We are fully conscious of the need to pursue an ecologically sustainable development pathway our Prime Minister wants to build a new India by 2022 riding on the demographic dividend and opportunities to use off-beat solutions like solar and wind power, smart cities, incentivising forestry, creating investment openings and involving all in the developmental process, he said. Most targets are aligned with the funds strategic impact areas like clean energy, energy efficiency, cities, transport, forestry, agriculture, water health, and ecosystems.The GCF, operating under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, supports developing countries by providing resources from developed countries that are party to the Paris Agreement.

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